Nancy Testing View Location

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Nancy Testing Advanced: View Location

By default Nancy unit tests will struggle to find view files when you run your tests. You can create the following file in your test project to help Nancy out.

public class TestingRootPathProvider : IRootPathProvider
  private static readonly string RootPath;

  static TestingRootPathProvider()
    var directoryName = Path.GetDirectoryName(typeof (Bootstrapper).Assembly.CodeBase);

    if (directoryName != null)
      var assemblyPath = directoryName.Replace(@"file:\", string.Empty);
      RootPath = Path.Combine(assemblyPath, "..", "..", "..", "Escape.Web");

  public string GetRootPath()
    return RootPath;

You will have to alter RootPath to match your solutions layout and target project's folder name. The idea is you want your view engine to not look in "bin/debug" for views but instead look in your target project for the views. This is accomplished by using ".." to go up a folder level until you can then go into your target project.

As documented on the root path wiki page, the bootstrapper needs to be told about this class. You can do this in a custom bootstrapper with the code

public class CustomBootstrapper : DefaultNancyBootstrapper
  protected override IRootPathProvider RootPathProvider
    get { return new CustomRootPathProvider(); }

Alternatively, in a unit test, it might look something like

public void HomeModuleTest()
  // When
  var result = new Browser(with => {
  }).Get("/", with => {

  // Then
  Assert.AreEqual(HttpStatusCode.OK, result.StatusCode);
  Assert.AreEqual("MyViewName.cshtml", result.GetViewName());