Nancy v2 Upgrade Notes

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Routing syntax has changed to Get("/", args => "Hello World");, these can be made async by adding the async/await keywords. For more info see the PR where it all changed

StaticConfiguration migrated to configuration API

Most of the members in StaticConfiguration have been moved out and migrated over to the new Configuration API.

The following settings have been migrated

  • Json
  • Xml
  • View
  • Tracing
  • Routing

Context.CurrentUser ClaimsPrincipal Mapping to Domain Object

In the Nancy 1.x versions, Context.CurrentUser was an IUserIdentity, you could add properties to your implementation and then access these properties that were not on the interface by casting. E.g. var customerId = ((MyUser) Context.CurrentUser).CustomerId;

In v2.x of Nancy, Context.CurrentUser is a ClaimsPrincipal. By default this contains an list of claims that the user has. So to get a name value for example you would have do something like Context.CurrentUser.FindFirst(ClaimTypes.Name).Value.

As an example you could implement properties like in v1 like so:

public class MyPrincipal : ClaimsPrincipal
   public MyPrincipal(IPrincipal principal) : base(principal)

   public string FullName => FindFirst(ClaimTypes.Name).Value;

public static class PrincipalExtensions
   public static MyPrincipal AsMyPrincipal(this IPrincipal principal)
       if (principal != null)
           return principal as MyPrincipal
               ?? new MyPrincipal(principal);

       return null;

public class HomeModule : NancyModule
    public HomeModule()
        Get["/"] = (parameters, token) =>
            var user = Context.CurrentUser.AsMyPrincipal();
            return Task.FromResult<dynamic>(user.FullName);

Bootstrapper DiagnosticsConfiguration

In Nancy v2.x there is a whole new configuration API. This is now handled in the bootstrapper by overriding the Configure method. For diagnostics, you can use it like this:

public override void Configure(Nancy.Configuration.INancyEnvironment environment)
    environment.Diagnostics(password: "pa55w0rd!");

Bootstrapper InternalConfiguration

This has a different signature but now takes in an ITypeCatalog argument. If you are using the WithOverrides API this should still work, you just need to change the method signature:

protected override Func<ITypeCatalog, NancyInternalConfiguration> InternalConfiguration
        return NancyInternalConfiguration
            .WithOverrides(x =>
                x.ResponseProcessors = new[] { typeof(JsonProcessor) });

Nancy.Serializers.Json.ServiceStack Renamed

This namespace has been renamed to Nancy.Serialization.ServiceStack.

DefaultResponseFormatter constructor change

One of the arguments was previously an array of ISerializer, this is now an ISerializerFactory.

Known Issues

Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor dependencies

As of 2.x, the Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor engine uses Roslyn internally to compile views. Unfortunately the Nuget for Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor (2.0-alpha) is missing a couple of dependencies which are needed to compile and render views. For the time being you will need to explicitly install these packages yourself (in the presented order):

  • Install-Package Microsoft.Net.Compilers -Version 1.1.1
  • Install-Package Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform -Version 1.0.1
  • Install-Package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp -Version 1.1.1

If you get any runtime exceptions, please check your config file for any invalid assembly binding redirects.

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