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Redis policy storage, implemented as an adapter for node-casbin.

Require it in a place, where you are instantiating an enforcer (read more about enforcer here):

import { newEnforcer } from 'casbin';
import { NodeRedisAdapter }from './adapter' ;
import { join } from 'path';

const model=join(__dirname, 'casbin_conf/model.conf');
const adapter= await NodeRedisAdapter.newAdapter({host:"",port:6379});
const enforcer = await newEnforcer(model,adapter);

That is all what required for integrating the adapter into casbin.


NodeRedisAdapter.newAdapter() takes the following paramters as an object to establish the connection with redis-server

host		:String
port		:Number
password	:String
// if remote server, it needs url
url			:String 
db			:Number
//If the connection is SSL Encrypted then TCL object
tcl			:Object



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