ASP.NET Core MVC Value Provider for Encrypted Route Parameter
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ASP.NET Core MVC CryptoValueProvider

Custom Crypto Value Provider in ASP.NET Core MVC to support encrypted query string or route parameter. More detail on implementation here.

Example usage:

  1. Create action method and mark it with CryptoValueProvider attribute or mark some of the parameter with FromCrypto attribute
public IActionResult Example1(int param1, string param2)
public IActionResult Example2([FromCrypto]int param1, string param2, [FromCrypto]string param3)
  1. Create parameter dictionary and encrypt it with CryptoParamsProtector
public class HomeController : Controller
    CryptoParamsProtector _protector;
    public HomeController(CryptoParamsProtector protector)
        _protector = protector;
    public IActionResult Index()
        var paramDictionary = new Dictionary();
        paramDictionary.Add("param1", 1234.ToString());
        paramDictionary.Add("param2", "Hello World!");
        ViewBag.encryptedRouteParam1 = _protector.EncryptParamDictionary(paramDictionary);
        return View();
  1. Use encrypted string as route parameter to generate link
<a asp-controller="demo" asp-action="example1" asp-route-id="@ViewBag.encryptedRouteParam1"><h4>Example 1 Demo</h4></a>

Other Examples