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This repository contains the second volume of Cervantes' Quijote split up in chapters and the so called apocryph version of the second Quijote by an unknown author, published under the pseudonym Avellaneda - also split up in chapters. It is part of my research in stylometry about the several authorship questions concerning the identiy of Avellaneda, a possible collaboration between Avellaneda and Cervantes and / or others. See also: "Avellaneda y los problemas de la identificación del autor. Propuestas para una investigación con nuevas herramientas digitales" (

Sources for all text: Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes: 2001, ed. Florencio Sevilla Arroyo.

Format: plain text

You may use the repository for own research and cite it as: Quijote in chapters, edited by Nanette Rissler-Pipka (2018)'

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