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Install in Edge

The Edge builds are still in beta, please report problems you encounter, even minor ones! We can not fix bugs that we are not aware of!

Store Version

Nano Adblocker

Nano Defender is in review queue, please use Feedback Hub to help speeding up the process.

Side Loading

Note: Edge will disable side loaded extensions on every launch

  1. Download build(s) from the release page and extract it:

  2. Open Edge, open Settings pannel, scroll all the way down, you should see a version number that is at least 42.17134.1.0. If not, you need to first update Windows.

  3. Enter the page about:flags and check Enable extension developer features.

  4. Restart Edge, open Extensions pannel, click Load extension button to side load the extracted package(s) from step 1.

Privacy Policy

Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender do not actively collect any data of any kind.

Nano Adblocker may connect to first-party and/or third-party servers to download assets updates. Built-in assets are defined here. You may import other assets, in which case Nano Adblocker will connect to additional servers as per your instruction.

When connecting to first-party servers, Nano Adblocker may supply a version key (a hard-coded random string generated at compile time). A cache buster will always be supplied, it will reveal your system time accurate to 1 hour, your timezone will be kept private.

By default, Nano Adblocker will try to block tracking scripts that would not result in breakage of the website, but there may be both false negatives and false positives. Nano Adblocker cannot protect yourself from tracking done by Edge nor Windows.

Nano Defender may connect to third-party servers when it is required for fixing a website, only the bare minimum data required to successfully perform the request will be sent. Nano Defender will never connect to a first-party server unless you loaded it in debug mode.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, with or without notice. By using Nano Adblocker and/or Nano Defender, you consent to this privacy policy as well as the GPL-3.0 license.