An XMRig based, Android Mobile Miner
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An XMRig based, Android Mobile Miner

Can mine ALL CryptoNight coins Clean interface OLED Friendly Mode

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What is this project?

This started out with me noticing that I had a few extra devices laying around, and a curiousity to see if I could put them to work. This was first realized with my project here: miners, but that was cumbersome and a little scary for the uninitiated. So now we are here, with an app that wraps up all of the functionality ofd the last project with some extra features that actually put it notably ahead of the other mobile miners on the market.


  • The fastest mining on the market (by roughly %20 on high end phones when compared to MinerGate)
  • It has an OLED friendly mode
  • Allows you to enter your wallet address from a QR code
  • Allows you to mine to which ever pool you want to (again, being compared to MinerGate)
  • Can mine any CryptoNight coin, but has built in support for Monero, Electroneum, Aeon, Sumokoin, and Bytecoin pools(and soon to be MoneroV).
  • Saves your configurations so they do not need to constantly be re-entered
  • VERY Stable (my 5 Android devices have been running for over a week, 24/7 without a problem)
  • Works with the screen off
  • Clean interface (this cannot be underestimated)
  • Shows an estimated progress in the current share (so you know it is making progress)
  • You can un-tick the donation option (though, you could also not ;D )
  • Shows your current balance for the supported pools you can mine to (Supports +10 pools across the 5 coins)

What it runs on

As of right now I have tested this app on Android Lollipop, Nougat, and Oreo; with ARM 64, ARM 86, and Intel Atom i686 CPU architechures.

It runs on everything....

It runs on TVs, Tablets, and of course phones... Everything except iOS :D

Is it open soruce?

No... I was intending to release the source code for this app, but the scary number of people who have asked me for help inserting miners into their own arbitrary apps (fitness trackers, crypto trackers, etc) has made me realise that releasing this code would be tantamount to releasing malware into the Android Ecosystem. I do not want that.

If you want you pool added into the app

Send me an email here:

If you have any issues / comments

Feel 100% free to contact me! I want this to work for everyone, and as a student, I have a lot of time to tinker with things :D