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Harminv Release Notes

Here, we describe what has changed between releases of the h5utils package.



  • Fixed man page problems (#2 and #3), thanks to Bas Couwenberg.



  • Fixed h5topng compilation for modern libpng versions. Thanks to Daisuke Fujimura (@fd00 on github) for posting patches.

  • Moved hosting to Github and translated documentation to Markdown.

h5utils 1.12.1


  • Use octave-config, if available, to detect octave-plugin installation path (thanks to Debian bug report #516453 for suggestion).

h5utils 1.12


  • The vertical axis in h5topng is now reversed to correspond to what most people seem to expect: increasing coordinates correspond to "up" and "right" in the image, rather than "down" and "right" in the image as in previous versions.
  • Fixed failure in h5tovtk -2; thanks to Karen Lee for the bug report.
  • Fixed installation of h5read.oct for Octave 3.x.

h5utils 1.11.1


  • Fixed failure to find colormap files in h5topng 1.11 (due to changes in autoconf 2.60); thanks to bug report from Jiangjun Zheng.

h5utils 1.11


  • h5tovtk no longer reverses the dimensions; thanks to Andreas Wilde for the suggestion.
  • Fix compilation failure with HDF5 1.8.

h5utils 1.10.1


  • Fixed build problem on Cygwin due to missing ".exe" extension. Thanks to Ken Hill for the bug report.

h5utils 1.10


  • Added h4fromh5 utility. (NCSA seems to be no longer shipping the HDF5/HDF4 conversion tools with the latest HDF5 release.)
  • Added dkbluered color map, which is similar to bluered but uses a somewhat wider range of colors.

h5utils 1.9.1


  • Fix h5topng compilation failure with some non-C99 compilers; thanks to Maarten van Reeuwijk for the bug report.

h5utils 1.9


  • Added new h5math utility, which creates and combines HDF5 datasets using a user-specified mathematical expression. (Requires GNU libmatheval to be installed.)
  • h5topng: Matlab-like start:end or start:step:end notation for slice indices, to allow a whole sequence of slices to be output as a sequence of PNG images.
  • h5topng: if contour/overlay dataset does not have same dimensions as output data, it is periodically "tiled" over the output.

h5utils 1.8


  • New -A and -a options for h5topng to allow translucent overlays from one file onto another (an alternative or complement to the -C contour-overlay option).
  • h5topng uses 24-bit direct color by default (use -8 option for old 8-bit behavior).
  • h5topng uses columns/rows for x/y by default (use -T to swap), the opposite of the old behavior.
  • There is no default -z 0 slice dimension in h5topng/h5totxt any more. You must specify a slice for 3+ dimensional data in h5topng. h5totxt dumps the whole data file by default unless one or more slices are specified.
  • Support specifying multiple slice dimensions for 4+ dimensional datasets, with new -t option to indicate final dimension.
  • Slices are also supported now in h5tovtk and h5tov5d.
  • New -. option in h5totxt to specify number of significant digits; output 16 digits by default instead of 6, previously.

h5utils 1.7.2


  • Fixed C++ compilation problem for g++ 3.x in h5read Octave plugin; thanks to Josselin Mouette for the patch.

h5utils 1.7.1


  • Fixed array overrun in h5topng that caused a floating-point exception on Alphas; thanks to Marin Soljacic for the bug report.

h5utils 1.7


  • h5topng now supports multiple, user-definable color tables, a number of which are provided. '''Incompatible change''': the -c option now has the syntax: -c ''colortable''. The old behavior corresponds to the included "bluered" colortable, invoked via: -c bluered.
  • New -R option for h5topng to use a consistent color scale for all specified files.
  • New -0 option for h5topng and h5totxt that shifts the origin of the slice coordinates to the dataset center.
  • Added h5tovtk program to output VTK (Visualization ToolKit) data files.
  • Support -T (transpose dimensions) option in h5tov5d.
  • Fixed bug in h5topng that caused extra rows/columns of garbage pixels to be written at the edges of images when scaling was used.
  • When compiling the h5read Octave plugin, respect the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables. Thanks to Max Colice for the bug report.
  • Fixed problem when --without-h5tov5d and --without-h5fromh4 are used. Thanks to Nikola Ivanov Nikolov for the fix.

h5utils 1.6


  • Don't build h5fromh4 if the superior h4toh5 tool (from HDF5 1.4) is present. Also added --{with,without}-h5fromh4 option to configure to force whether h5fromh4 is built.

h5utils 1.5.1


  • Support manually disabling Octave plugin support (configure --without-octave) in case of C++ problems.
  • Support Vis5d+ and Debian HDF header file locations.

h5utils 1.5


  • Added h5fromh4 program to convert HDF4 datasets to HDF5 format.
  • Added -S ''s'' option to h5topng as a shortcut for -X ''s'' -Y ''s''.

h5utils 1.4


  • Added h5fromtxt program to convert text input to an HDF5 dataset.

h5utils 1.3.4


  • Improved -C contour plotting in h5topng.
  • Fix in h5topng man page (thanks to Christoph Becher).

h5utils 1.3.3


  • Bug fix in h5topng (would sometimes output solid black images). Thanks to Karl Koch for the bug report.

h5utils 1.3.2


  • Added h5topng -Z option to center color scale on zero.
  • Now support h5topng -C ''filename:dataset''.

h5utils 1.3.1


  • Bug fixes in dataset name-handling, especially when using h5tov5d to join multiple datasets into one output file.

h5utils 1.3


  • You can now specify individual datasets within a file by using ''filename'':''dataset'' instead of just ''filename'' with h5topng, h5totxt, and h5tov5d.

h5utils 1.2.3


  • Fixed minor bug in 'h5totxt -h'.

h5utils 1.2.2


  • Makefile now includes CPPFLAGS in the compiler flags, making it easier to use header files in non-standard locations. (CPPFLAGS is the proper place to put -I flags for the configure script.)

h5utils 1.2.1


  • Modified -o option of h5tov5d to join datasets into a single Vis5d file.

h5utils 1.2


  • Added h5tov5d program for converting to Vis5d format.
  • Improved installation; h5read.oct now goes into the sitewide Octave plugins directory, and things work correctly when only some of the utilities are compiled.

h5utils 1.1


  • Added h5totxt program for exporting 2d slices of HDF5 files to text suitable for importing into a spreadsheet.

h5utils 1.0


  • Initial release.
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