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@stevengj stevengj released this Feb 19, 2020 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • Optional parameter omega for output-epsilon and similar functions,
    allowing the complex ε and μ at a given frequency to be outputted (#1112, following #919).

  • near2far computation now supports cylindrical coordinates (#1090).

  • Experimental support for slanted prisms (requires libctl 4.5)
    via sidewall_angle parameter to prism objects (#1129).

  • New yee_grid=False optional argument to add_dft_fields; by passing True
    one can compute the fields on the original Yee grid (#1095).

  • New function meep::make_output_directory() to make a temporary
    directory (in TMPDIR or similar) and meep::delete_directory(path)
    to perform recursive deletion (like rm -rf). These are now
    used in tests to avoid writing to the source directory (#1121, #1122 and #1126).

  • Jupyter notebooks now show a graphical progress bar during simulations (#1078).

  • kz-2d option in Scheme, mirroring Python kz_2d (#1062).

  • Various bugfixes, documentation supplements, and other minor improvements.

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