3D Quantum - Perl Data Language - Theory and Simulation - Code Refinement
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3D Quantum - Perl Data Language - Theory and Simulation - Code Refinement

Starting with the simple part of Quantum Mechanics based on the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation" (positionmomentum)-(momentumposition) = i*hbar; which is the foundation of Quantum Mechanics.

A Mathematical Refinement of this can now be achived with present day computer systems, and it is my goal to determine a way to find the "momentum" from the "position" useing the matrix geometry.

Particles can be thought of as being made by photons according to m = Ec**-2, using the Photon Positions and there relation to each other there distance and values to describe measurable dimensions and Unmeasurable dimensions, of the particle in the matrix, we want to determine not just the momentum, yet everything (every dimension) from the Geometry of the position.

The mathematics for this can be daunting because they have not yet touched the thoughts of man from this perspective... I have found some success nonetheless.

I have I blog here for this disscussion, I hope to git this refined and could use your help to make this code a real world contender.

BLOG http://mrbakermark.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/spherical-harmonics/