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Nano Node Monitor

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Nano Node Monitor is a server-side PHP-based monitor for Nano and Banano nodes. It connects to a running node via RPC and displays it's status on a simple webpage. Being server-side, it does not expose the RPC interface of the Nano node to the public.





  • Running Nano Node with RPC enabled (Tutorial)

  • Webserver with PHP (Tutorial)

  • PHP-Curl Module

    sudo apt-get install php-curl


In your empty webserver directory, e.g. /var/www/html, execute:

git clone .

If you want it to run a subdirectory remove the . at the end.

In the modules folder, create your own config file by executing:

cp config.sample.php config.php

You will have to add your node's account to the config file config.php by modifying the following lines. Make sure to remove the // in front of $nanoNodeAccount:

// account of this node 
$nanoNodeAccount = 'nano_1f56swb9qtpy3yoxiscq9799nerek153w43yjc9atoaeg3e91cc9zfr89ehj'; 

If you are running a standalone node you might need to modify the IP-address and the port for the RPC in the file config.php. It should match the corresponding entries in ~/RaiBlocks/config.json, e.g.

// ip address for RPC (default: [::1])
$nanoNodeRPCIP   = '';

// ip address for RPC (default: 7076)
$nanoNodeRPCPort = '7076';


Switch to your installation directory and execute git pull.

Creating a Theme

If you're interested in creating your own theme in addition to the official Light, Dark, and Banano themes, we've made it very simple for you to do so. Check out the Wiki for more info.



Feel free to change your representative to the Nano Node Monitor Rep nano_1f56swb9qtpy3yoxiscq9799nerek153w43yjc9atoaeg3e91cc9zfr89ehj to support further decentralization within the Nano network. In case of problems, please send an issue.

Donations to the development of Nano Node Monitor are very welcome to: nano_1nanomon9uycemhgonue4twmcqmsu7oxw43maro8amj751ozpus8r8gsic48

Have fun! :)

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