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See Wiki for more information

NanoQuake is based on Yamagi Quake II (see below)


Yamagi Quake II

This is the Yamagi Quake II Client, an enhanced version of id Software's Quake II with focus on offline and coop gameplay. Both the gameplay and the graphics are unchanged, but many bugs if the last official release were fixed and some nice to have features like widescreen support and a modern OpenGL 3.2 renderer were added. Unlike most other Quake II source ports Yamagi Quake II is fully 64 bit clean. It works perfectly on modern processors and operating systems. Yamagi Quake II runs on nearly all common platforms; including FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, Windows and OS X (experimental).

This code is build upon Icculus Quake II, which itself is based on Quake II 3.21. Yamagi Quake II is released under the terms of the GPL version 2. See the LICENSE file for further information.


Before asking any questions read through the documentation! The current version can be found here: doc/


The official releases (including Windows binaries) can be found at our homepage: