OpenCL bindings for Ruby
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Written by Brice Videau, 2013-2014

OpenCL bindings for Ruby

Up to date OpenCL bindings for Ruby. Written using FFI but heavily inspired by Seiya Nishizawa's work on the C bindings.

A gem can be built from this repository: opencl_ruby_ffi which provides the actual bindings.

Documentation can be found here:


require 'opencl_ruby_ffi'
require 'narray_ffi'

source = <<EOF
__kernel void addition( float2 alpha, __global const float *x, __global float *y) {
  size_t ig = get_global_id(0);
  y[ig] = (alpha.s0 + alpha.s1 + x[ig])*0.3333333333333333333f;

platform = OpenCL::platforms.first
device = platform.devices.first
context = OpenCL::create_context(device)
queue = context.create_command_queue(device, :properties => OpenCL::CommandQueue::PROFILING_ENABLE)
prog = context.create_program_with_source( source )
a_in = NArray.sfloat(65536).random(1.0)
a_out = NArray.sfloat(65536)
f = OpenCL::Float2::new(3.0,2.0)
b_in = context.create_buffer(a_in.size * a_in.element_size, :flags => OpenCL::Mem::COPY_HOST_PTR, :host_ptr => a_in)
b_out = context.create_buffer(a_out.size * a_out.element_size)
event = prog.addition(queue, [65536], f, b_in, b_out, :local_work_size => [128])
# #Or if you want to be more OpenCL like:
# k = prog.create_kernel("addition")
# k.set_arg(0, f)
# k.set_arg(1, b_in)
# k.set_arg(2, b_out)
# event = queue.enqueue_ndrange_kernel(k, [65536],:local_work_size => [128])
queue.enqueue_read_buffer(b_out, a_out, :event_wait_list => [event])
diff = (a_in - a_out*3.0)
65536.times { |i|
  raise "Computation error #{i} : #{diff[i]+f.s0+f.s1}" if (diff[i]+f.s0+f.s1).abs > 0.00001
puts "Success!"