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A mod of BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load (and it is also much faster than regular BootNTR).

Latest stable builds

The latest stable builds can be found in the releases section.



Install the .cia file through FBI and run it.


Copy the .3dsx file into sdmc:/3ds/BootNTRSelector/ and run it through the New Homebrew Menu.

How to use

  • Launch BootNTRSelector through your method of choice and follow the on-screen instructions, no extra steps or files are required.

  • BootNTRSelector will now default to whichever NTR version you selected last.

Notes for Old3DS users

  • You need to use one of the Mode3 releases in order to use NTR with extended memory games (such as Monster Hunter, Pokémon Sun/Moon, Smash Bros, etc.). Mode3 has no effect on New3DS.

  • Launching BootNTRSelector before the home menu is completely loaded may result in a crash / error. So before launching it, wait a couple of seconds for the home menu to be fully loaded.


Main Menu

Failed to load

Auto updater


Building BootNTRSelector is handled through buildtools. You have to have the following installed:

Once you have installed all the dependencies simply run make in the root directory and if you set it all up correctly it should build.

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