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Welcome to Lib-Tile with the new release 0.2.0.

Lib-Tile is a multi Maven project written in JavaFX and NetBeans IDE and provides the functionalities to use and handle easily Tiles in your JavaFX application.

A Tile is per definition a little transparent Image which overlay a background-color or -image with the help of repetitions from the image in a layer.


  • This is a mayor update.
  • Rework the api from the library.
  • Add new TileValidator.
  • Add new sub-library Lib-Tile-Customized-Examples.
  • Update the documentation and JavaDoc to reflect the changes.


#18 [api] Rework api from Validator.
#17 [api] Switch 'autor' and 'autorUrl' to Optional.
#9 [Lib-Tile] Rework the API for the library.
#4 [Documentation] Add a template for the release-notes.


#8 [Lib-Tile] Prepare libraries for Maven Central.
#6 [Lib-Tile-Customized-Examples] Add new library Lib-Tile-Customized-Examples.


#16 [documentation] Update the JavaDoc.
#15 [project] Update the project description.
#13 [pom] Remove the maven-release-plugin in the build section.
#11 [Lib-Tile-TransparentTextures-Images] Update the
#12 [Documentation] Fix output from the README in the browser.
#7 [Lib-Tile] Update the README.
#5 [Lib-Tile-TransparentTextures] Rename parameters in first constructor.
#2 [pom] Remove not needed dependency to to commens-lang3.


#10 [pom] Update dependency to maven-compiler-plugin.

Naoghuman (Peter Rogge)