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Tool for converting TSE FLEX Historical data into kdb+ (or csv) data
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TSE-FLEX-Converter converts Tokyo Stock Exchnage FLEX Historical message data to kdb+ or csv file.

What is Tokyo Stock Exchnage FLEX Historical data?

See Tokyo Stock Exchnage page...


This is for arrowhead 1. In order to change for arrowhead 2...

  • Chanage timestamp field length
  • Add StatusUpdate event

How to Use

Step 1. Contract the service and downlod zip files.

Step 2. Convert message zip files to line separated files.

Since FullEquities file is one line big file, split lines using bash shell at first.
Prepare files in from dir. [from dir] [to dir]

Separeted line files are created in to dir.

Step 3. Prepare kdb+ port. (For kdb mode)

Start kdb port with func_flex.q file.
Set histporical path to "dbdir: xxxx" in func_flex.q.

q func_flex.q -p 5001

Step 4. Execute Java application.

Step 4.1 Build application

Build jar with maven. pom.xml create all in one jar package. Use TSE-FLEX-Converter-xxx-jar-with-dependencies.jar for execute.

$ mvn package
$ ls -l target
---------- 1 Naoki mkpasswd 4731449 Sep 19 19:03 TSE-FLEX-Converter-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
---------- 1 Naoki mkpasswd   94189 Sep 19 19:03 TSE-FLEX-Converter-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Step 4.2 Change config

"" is configuration file.
Change each parameters to fit your needs. For csv output mode, change "output.dao.class" to CsvDao.

Step 4.3 Run application

Start application with -file or -dir option.

$ java -cp "TSE-FLEX-Converter-xxx.jar;" -h
19:17:55.849 [main] INFO - START Application.
 Launch -f file
 Launch -d dir
 Launch -h

 -d (--dir) VAL  : directory path for loading all files
 -f (--file) VAL : file path
 -h (--help)     : show usage message and exit
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