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A .NET wrapper for the WinRM protocol to remotely execute Powershell, optionally auto-manage TrustedHost list, and send/receive files!

Use - Referencing in your code

The entire implemenation is in a single file so it can be included without taking a dependency on the NuGet package if necessary preferred.

// this is the entrypoint to interact with the system (interfaced for testing).
var machineManager = new MachineManager(
    autoManageTrustedHosts: true);

// will perform a user initiated reboot.

// can run random script blocks WITH parameters.
var fileObjects = machineManager.RunScript("{ param($path) ls $path }", new[] { @"C:\PathToList" });
var fileObjectsWithTwoTypedParameters = machineManager.RunScript("{ param([string] $path, [string] $filter) ls -Path $path -Filter $filter }", new[] { @"C:\Windows", "*.exe" });

// can run random cmd.exe commands WITH parameters.
var output = machineManager.RunCmd("xcopy", new[] { "D:\\File.txt", "D:\\Folder\\" });

// can run scripts and cmd commands locally.

// can transfer files to AND from the remote server (over WinRM's protocol!).
var localFilePath = @"D:\Temp\BigFileLocal.nupkg";
var fileBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(localFilePath);
var remoteFilePath = @"D:\Temp\BigFileRemote.nupkg";

machineManager.SendFile(remoteFilePath, fileBytes);
var downloadedBytes = machineManager.RetrieveFile(remoteFilePath);