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Puzzlescript Wrapper

This project provides a way to distribute a Puzzlescript game as a standalone application.

You can download a binary version of the project on lafaceobscuredupixel.fr

You can find the official Puzzlescript repository here.

PuzzlescriptWrapper is using the c++/SDL2/Opengl combo.

I didn't rewrite puzzlescript engine in C++. The javascript engine is embeded so it can be replace or updated easily (see ./data/js/puzzlescript/ sub-directory)

PuzzlescriptWrapper is published under the terms of the LGPL v3 license (See both GPL and LGPL Licenses for more details)


For this version, I tried a lot of games and fixed some bugs that prevent some of them to run correctly.


- Sfx emulation almost work (the sound is playing to fast but is mostly the same
- short web color format like "#af0" is now working
- fix some sprite display



- Most of puzzlescript games should be playable.
- The game progression is saved locally
- Sfx emulation is not finished yet
- realtime games can be slow


[x] Loading puzzlescript game from ./data/games/game [x] Emulate the HTML canvas to allow puzzlescript to draw sprites in SDL2/Opengl context [x] Display currentLevel in SDL2/Opengl context [x] Send keyboard inputs to puzzlescript engine [x] Calling puzzlescript update() function according to setInterval [x] puzzlescript prelude parameters: realtime_interval zoomscreen flickscreen background_color text_color [x] saving/loading progression in ./data/localStorage [x] it's now possible to pass a game in command line:

- if you specify a game file name it will search it in ./data/games/
- by default, PuzzlescriptWrapper launch ./data/games/game

[x] Show/Hide Framerate by hitting TAB key

[] Sfx generation:

- The sound generator does not simulate correctly puzzlescript's one yet
- If you want to give it a try anyway (or if you want to fix it), you can set sfx to 'ON' in config.xml

Performance Note

I'm using Duktape as the javascript engine to keep it simple and compact. Since Duktape is a non-JIT javascript engine, it is slower than Google v8 or Mozilla SpiderMonkey. So, if you are running a realtime Puzzlescript game with many rules, you will probably encounter some framerate issues.

Possible solutions:

- Rewrite part of puzzlescript engine in C++. It's probably a bad idea because processInput() function in puzzlescript/engine.js seems to be basically the whole engine.
- Switching to spidermonkey or v8
- Waiting for Duktape to implement the JIT feature