A simple Twitter Bot written in PHP5, allowing to search and retweet things.
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Deprecrated, cause of non support of oAuth nor of the new API Twitter.


A simple Twitter Bot written in PHP5, allowing to search and retweet things.


  • Clean OO architecture
  • Twitter API client, which can request several implementations of the Twitter API (eg. the identi.ca one)
  • Mockable Twitter API server class, to be able to unit-test the whole API without depending on the network connectivity
  • A TwitterBotsFarm class, configurable with a simple YAML file
  • Configureable bot methods allowing to callback your own functions/callables
  • Command line interface you can use to run configured farms and bots
  • Unit-tested using the lime testing framework


You can download the latest archive, or better checkout the git repository:

$ mkdir ~/mybots && cd ~/mybots
$ mkdir vendor
$ git clone git://github.com/Narno/phptwitterbot.git vendor/phptwitterbot
$ ln -s vendor/phptwitterbot/bin/phptwitterbot phptwitterbot
$ php phptwitterbot --help

Then you have to create a bots farm configuration file:

$ mkdir config && touch config/bots.yml

See the next section to learn how to configure this file.

Farm and Bots configuration

A farm is a group of configured bots execution directives, which can be described using the YAML syntax.

Here's a sample farm configuration file:

  password:           mYGenericPasswOrd     # this password will be used by default for all bots
  stoponfail:         false                 # won't stop the whole process on error/exception
  allow_magic_method: false                 # will allow php magic methods calls on bot classes
    password:         mYAccountPasswOrd     # this particular bot will use its own password
          terms:      "twitter php class"   # will search "twitter php class" on twitter timeline and retweet first matched tweets
        periodicity:  1200                  # will be run every 20 minutes
          terms:      "#fail"               # will search for the "#fail" hashtag
            template: "FAIL! @%s: %s"       # will render as "FAIL! @foobar: windows sucks #fail" where @foobar is the author of the original tweet
            follow:   true                  # will follow the tweet author automatically
        periodicity:  600                   # will be run every 10 minutes
        periodicity:  86400                 # will be run every day

Each sub-element of the bots section describes a single bot and its available operations, where the key is the bot username. Of course you still have to create a dedicated Twitter account for each bot.

In the provided example, the mysecondbotaccount bot will run the searchAndRetweet and followFollowers operations whereas the myfirstbotaccount bot will only run the searchAndRetweet one, each time with the provided parameters, options and the specified periodicity (in seconds).

For instance, the searchAndRetweet operation will search for terms into the public twitter timeline and retweet the first matched tweet containing them using a given formatter pattern. Note that the follow option will make the bot to follow the author of a matched tweet automatically.

The followFollowers operation will check periodically the list of followers for the bot account, and follow every of them back in return.

Check the TwitterBot.class.php API to see what are the available other operations.

To run the bots farm once configured, just use the command line interface:

$ php phptwitterbot config/bots.yml

The command line interface

PHPTwitterBot ships with a shiny phptwitterbot executable for the command line interface you can find in the bin folder of the project codebase. This program allows to run all configured bots farm operations in one call.

Usage and Options

Note that this program can be executed several ways:

$ php bin/phptwitterbot
$ bin/phptwitterbot
$ cd bin
$ php phptwitterbot
$ ./phptwitterbot
$ sudo ln -s phptwitterbot /usr/bin/phptwitterbot
$ phptwitterbot

The only required argument is the relative or absolute path to where the YAML bots configuration file resides:

$ ./phptwitterbot config/bots_configuration.yml
$ ./phptwitterbot /home/user/my_other_bots_configuration.yml

To run a particular bot, use the --bot option:

$ ./phptwitterbot myBots.yml --bot=myBotName

To set the path of a custom cronlogs file (this file will store the logs of bot executions):

$ ./phptwitterbot configFile.yml --cronlogs=/tmp/my_cronlogs.log

To enable verbose debugging output, use the --debug option:

$ ./phptwitterbot configFile.yml --debug

To run the whole phptwitterbot unit tests suite, use the --test option:

$ ./phptwitterbot --test