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Markdown content producer

Markdown conent producer processes requests for help resources ending with .md.html (e.g. by finding a corresponding markdown resources without .html suffix (e.g. and converting them to HTML.

The producer shall be registered with the help system as shown below:

      id="... ID here ..."
      name="Markdown Content Producer"

The producer is already registered by bundle and can be referenced from another bundle as shown below:



The content producer supports several extensions:

  • Pre-processor - processes resource content before passing it to the markdown processor.
  • Wiki link resolver - resolves wiki links with [[...]] syntax.
  • Wiki link processor - processes wiki links with [[...]] syntax. Processors can be used to add icons to links or open links in a dialog box.

PlantUML pre-processor bundle provides PlantUML pre-processor which replaces diagram definitions between @startuml and @enduml tokens with diagram images. The opening tag shall be preceded by at least on blank line and the closing tag shall be followed by at least one blank line.



	Alice -> Bob

Diagram (shall be opened in the Eclipse Help System)

@startuml Alice -> Bob @enduml


Extensions - same plugin policy for apidocs.