Polyglot bowling score solutions
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Polyglot bowling scoring solutions

At a minimum write a bowling score calculator that takes a list of rolls and returns a score. Read the Wikipedia article on bowling if your understanding of the game isn't at Lebowskian levels. Your scorer will need to be aware of frames, spares, and strikes.

Your calculator should take a list of frames, and should return the current score.

For extra credit: specify if the game is complete (or not), and present any special messages (e.g. "spare", "strike", "gutterball", "turkey").

Here's are some examples in Erlang:

 score([]) -> {0, incomplete, ""}
 score([[5]]) -> {5, incomplete, ""}
 score([[10]]) -> {10, incomplete, "Strike"}
 score([[7, 3]]) -> {10, incomplete, "Spare"}
 score([[10,3],[6]]) -> {28, incomplete, ""}
 score([[7,3],[4,2]]) -> {incomplete, 20, ""} 
 score([[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0]]) -> {complete, 0, "Game over"}

 score([[10],[10],[10],[10],[10],[10],[10],[10],[10],[10,10,10]]) -> {complete, 300, "Perfect game!"}

For extra fun:

  • You could implement a server that takes one roll at a time, presents a score, and returns messages (e.g. "spare", "strike", "double", "turkey")
  • You could implement a server that lets multiple players play: Game = bowling:start(["The Dude", "Walter", "Donny"]).

Contribute your solution by adding a folder name {your twitter handle}+{your language} such as "bryan_hunter+erlang".