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NashFP "Build an Erlang Server" lab materials

For the lab we will use the example of a bank ATM.

The ATM supports multiple accounts and maintains a balance.

super simple ATM

We will start with a super simple server. It will help everyone get comfortable compiling (and running) code. It will also show the idea of a server loop, messages and a receive block.

This super-simple ATM will support the following actions. An account is created by deposting money to it.

atm:start() -> started
atm:check_balance(AccountNumber) -> {balance, Amount} | no_such_account | atm_closed
atm:withdraw(AccountNumber, Amount) -> {new_balance, Amount} | overdrawn | no_such_account | atm_closed
atm:deposit(AccountNumber, Amount) -> {new_balance, Amount} | atm_closed
atm:stop() -> stopped | atm_closed

To start we won't bother with PIN numbers.