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NashFP's repo for research abstracts, reviews of papers, and various followup
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Research Papers

NashFP's repo for research abstracts, reviews of papers, and various follow-up. We are a curious bunch. We're each digging into interesting topics and learning. At NashFP meetings we share some of this, but it's a shame how much knowledge gets skipped.

Here are a two solution:

Research Abstracts

Say you spend some time digging in and researching an FP-related topic (e.g. Riak PG, pi-calculus, core.logic, Haskell developer workflows). As you start digging, create a markdown file under /research/ and drop your knowledge as you acquire it. This isn't a blog: poor formatting, spotty grammar, sentence fragmens, non-sequitur, etc. are all A-OK here. Ideally you'll use this as a draft space for future blog posts, but that's up to you. This is about capture.


If you're reading a book or whitepaper or wathing a presentation, create a markdown file under /reviews/ and let us know what you think about it. This can help us build our common vocabulary and core knowledge. For example, if Boston is reading about Paxos, Amber is digging into papers on "leader election", and Josh is reading about commutative replicated data types they should probably get together and compare notes. and invite me!

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