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Rust Times

Rust Times is a bi-weekly newsletter which gives you an overview of the most popular Rust articles, jobs, events, and news.

Stay updated with the latest rust insights and news by subscribing the newsletter :

Promote your event with us!

Spread the word about your event! Would you like us to spread the word to Rust Times subscribers from all around the world about your Rust event or Meet-up?

No problem!

In exchange, we would just ask you to either:

  1. Add the Rust Times logo in the Media Partners section on the event’s web page and link it to,
  2. Send us a discount code for tickets for Rust Times subscribers and a link to your event,
  3. or Both!

Once we get your e-mail, the information about your event and the discount code will be sent to the Rust Times subscribers in the next newsletter.

Have a great event!