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This is a prototype, and one that will only be used temporarily. The long term plan is to integrate the ideas learned here into


To run, perform the following actions:

  • First compile with python2.7 build --stage 2
  • Wait a long time (~1 and a half hours on my machine the first run)
  • Use rustup to create a new toolchain with rustup toolchain link bv-rust <path-to-rust-src>/build/<host>/stage2 where host might be something like x86_64_apple_darwin
  • Make sure you replace the above params in "<>" with the values for your system
  • In the folder for this repo then type rustup override set bv-rust (you can choose another name besides bv-rust if you like, just make sure it matches the steps above)
  • Run cargo build
  • Run with target/debug/borrow_bounds line data/ 13 12 data/ --sysroot=$(rustc --print sysroot)

The current output should look like this:

[{"kind":"mut", "start":"212", "end":"218"},{"kind":"imm", "start":"233", "end":"239"}]

Type target/debug/borrow_bound help to see usage instructions.

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