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contibute via fork and pull request

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@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ This is the school's opinionated list of the top resources for learning the vari
##How To Contribute To This List
-1. clone the repo `git clone`
-2. create a branch `git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME`
+1. fork the repo `click the fork button on the top right of the Github page`
+2. clone the repo 'git clone'
3. edit the `` file using [Markdown syntax] ( Also review [Github flavored markdown](
4. commit your changes to the branch `git add` then `git commit -m "updated the list"`
-5. push your branch up to Github `git push origin BRANCH_NAME`
-6. issue a pull request via Github
+5. push your repo up to Github `git push origin master`
+6. issue a pull request via Github 'click on the pullrequest button on the repo page'
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