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A list of resources for the students of the Nashville Software School
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Welcome to the Nashville Software School Resource List

This is the school's opinionated list of the top resources for learning the various technologies we teach. We will update this list as we present topics to the students.




Web Fonts

Command Line

Version Control With Git/Github

How To Contribute To This List

  1. fork the repo click the fork button on the top right of the Github page
  2. clone the repo git clone THE_URL_GITHUB_GIVES_YOU_FOR_THE_REPO
  3. edit the file using Markdown syntax. Also review Github flavored markdown
  4. commit your changes to the branch git add then git commit -m "updated the list"
  5. push your repo up to Github git push origin master
  6. issue a pull request via Github click on the pullrequest button on the repo page
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