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Welcome to the CyBench wiki!

Required Skills

  • Java Developers, DevOps, CI/CD
  • Familiarity with Java Micro-benchmarking Harness JMH.

Video Tutorials video library:


CyBench is a code benchmark platform to help developers, performance engineers with continuous performance regression testing. Quickly create, run and analyze code & API performance benchmarks based on JMH.

CyBench platform consists of the following components.

All default benchmarks can be downloaded here, under Assets. Each benchmarks is packaged into a separate zip file and includes CyBench Launcher.

Upon execution, CyBench Launcher runs all configured JMH benchmarks and sends benchmark reports to CyBench Explorer, where benchmarks are stored and analyzed. Use it to view, analyze, compare and share your benchmarks. All benchmark reports (.cyb files) and communications are encrypted (reports (.cyb files) are sent via HTTPS).

By default all benchmark submissions are stored in a public workspace, visible to everyone. Private benchmarks (only visible to owner and team members) require setup of your own workspace (see tutorial here on how to create your own workspace and publish private benchmarks)

CyBench Launcher can also execute your user defined JMH benchmarks. See docs for details.

CyBench Tutorials

Performance Benchmark development using CyBench tools

Performance Benchmarks & Regression Testing Tutorials

Performance Benchmark Case Studies


A quick guide to help resolve known issues until fixes are released. Click here.