Simple end-user tracking for JEE web applications.
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Simple end-user tracking for Java EE web applications.

Servlet-Filter is an implementation of Java EE HTTP Servlet Filter. This servlet filter tracks the following:

  • End-user performance, behavior
  • HTTP request performance, errors, exceptions
  • HTTP header, request parameters and attributes
  • JVM context such as CPU, memory, GC

The output can be streamed to any of the TNT4J sinks: file, log4j, socket, visual analysis using jKoolCloud.

Adding Tracking to your web applications

Simply add the following to your application's web.xml:


NOTE: Make sure all jar files required by ServletFilter are in your application's classpath.

Project Dependencies

Servlet-Filter requires the following:

Please use JCenter or Maven and these dependencies will be downloaded automatically.

Servlet-Filter requires TNT4J. You will need to point TNT4J to it's property file via the -Dtnt4j.config argument. This property file is located here in GitHub under the /config directory. If using JCenter or Maven, it can be found in the zip assembly along with the source code and javadoc.

Available Integrations