Track and Trace for Apache Spark
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About TNT4J-Spark

Track and Trace for Apache Spark. TNT4J-Spark provides an implementation of SparkListener for SparkContext. TNT4J-Spark allows developers to track execution, measure performance and help with diagnostics of your Spark applications.

Why TNT4J-Spark?

  • Track and Trace Spark application execution @ runtime
  • Measure performance & execution of stages, jobs, tasks
  • Detect and report task failures during execution
  • Visualize your Spark application execution (via JESL and jKoolCloud integration)

NOTE: See and (JESL) to vizualize Spark application execution.

Using TNT4J-Spark

TNT4J-Spark is easy, just include a few lines into your application:

SparkConf conf = new SparkConf().setAppName("");
JavaSparkContext sc = new JavaSparkContext(conf);

// add TNT4J-Spark listener to your spark context
sc.addSparkListener(new TNTSparkListener(""));

Make sure you edit config/ and specify TNT4J configuration for your application

; Stanza used for Spark Applications
; replace `` with the name used when creating TNTSparkListener
	source.factory: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.source.SourceFactoryImpl
	source.factory.GEOADDR: NewYork
	source.factory.DATACENTER: HQDC
	source.factory.RootFQN: SERVER=?#DATACENTER=?#GEOADDR=?

	tracker.factory: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.tracker.DefaultTrackerFactory
	dump.sink.factory: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.dump.DefaultDumpSinkFactory
	event.sink.factory: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.sink.impl.FileEventSinkFactory

	; Configure default sink filter based on level and time (elapsed/wait)
	event.sink.factory.Filter: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.filters.EventLevelTimeFilter
	event.sink.factory.Filter.Level: TRACE
	; Uncomment lines below to filter out events based on elapsed time and wait time
	; Timed event/activities greater or equal to given values will be logged
	;event.sink.factory.Filter.ElapsedUsec: 100
	;event.sink.factory.Filter.WaitUsec: 100

	event.formatter: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.format.SimpleFormatter
	tracking.selector: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.selector.DefaultTrackingSelector
	tracking.selector.Repository: com.jkoolcloud.tnt4j.repository.FileTokenRepository

TNT4J-Spark uses TNT4J API to track job execution. Combining TNT4J-Spark with JESL ( lets developers stream data collected by TNT4J-Spark into jKoolCloud -- real-time streaming and visualization platform.

Add the following arguments to your java start-up

-Dtnt4j.config=<home>/config/ -Dtnt4j.token.repository=<home>/config/ 

To enable automatic application dump add the following arguments:

-Dtnt4j.dump.on.vm.shutdown=true -Dtnt4j.dump.on.exception=true -Dtnt4j.dump.provider.default=true 

Optionally you can add the following parameters to define default data center name and geo location:

-Dtnt4j.source.DATACENTER=YourDataCenterName -Dtnt4j.source.GEOADDR="Melville,NY" 


Please use JCenter or Maven and dependencies will be downloaded automatically.