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distributor is a simple virtual ethernet switch that supports up to 2^32 networks. It is meant to be used by ns-3 RemoteNetDevice to connect nodes in different ns-3 simulations together.


Clone this repository and build it with make.

$ git clone
$ cd distributor
$ make

After compilation, you will find distributor and tap-client, which are the distributor server and the TAP-based Linux client, respectively. Type ./distributor -h and ./tap-client -h to get help on how to use them.


Protocol specifications can be found under the doc/ folder. If you don't care about the protocol but simply want to build your own client, take a look at src/fd-client.h and src/ FdClient provides you with a file descriptor similar to TUN/TAP, that you can write to or read from to get ethernet traffic on and oof the virtual network.

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