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##natutils: a set of tools develop by nat

  • base64-decode.html: base64 Decoder implement using javascript
  • beep-player: simpe tone player implement using beep
  • bilibili-crawler: a crawler of bilibili followers
  • chinese.h: a C/CPP header file for Chinese programing
  • ddma-reallink: reslove real link
  • domainhack: a tool to find the registered domains with no handle on nameservers
  • fanWeiOAGetshell.html: Getshell helper for fanwei OA
  • htmlencoder: Encode html using base64
  • http-here: start a http server under current path
  • lightColor.js: generate light color
  • locker: simple file archiver with openssl secured
  • nat-dos: simple DoS tool using curl and proxies
  • ntr: a fast trace route script
  • proxy.cgi: simple proxy CGI script
  • shadowmanager: simple shadowsocks manager
  • simpleRouter.js: simple node.js router
  • subDomainBrute: subdomain burte
  • dominBruteDict.txt: the most common 3000 subdomains
  • broadcastPinger: send broadcast ping to check alive host on network.
  • sdd: remote dd over ssh
  • wooyun-getBUGsByDate: get the list of bugs on wooden that publish after a given date.
  • titleFetch: fetch the titles of an IP range.
  • wenku8-fetch: a tool to download all novels on
  • bashSQL: a BaSH based SQL API
  • osu-rankview: view the osu! rank of given players.
  • narp: a simple ARP packet sender, using nping.
  • qgroup-analyzer: QQ Gruop Analzyer
  • linkMap: Website links map
  • jpopsuki: seed batch downloader
  • baidu_translate: Baidu Translate CLI.
  • m3u.js: m3u parser in Javascript.
  • osu_map_pp_stat: stat PP of listed range of osu! maps.

License: WTFPL


A set of tools developed by NAT.






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