This is a simple example of using GeoKey with an AngularJS front end
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Angular-GeoKey is an example of a simple front-end application for the back-end platform GeoKey.


  • Drag and Drop KML / GPX files onto map for easy insertion into GeoKey and fast map previewing
  • Saves GeoJSON data in local storage for fewer calls to GeoKey and increase speed.
  • Save, Edit and Delete features and feature properties
  • Register new users
  • Restrict edit and data creation to signed in users
  • Uses HTML Interceptor to handle OAuth 2 tokens

Live Demo



Angular-GeoKey has a number of dependencies. The easiest way to get started with this application is to pull or download this repository and run bower install

bower Install 

Next, update the geokeyData.js file with your specific GeoKey client information as well as the project ID and category ID

    function geokeyData() {

        var params = {
            client_id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
            client_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
            grant_type: 'password'
        var url = 'http://xxxxxxxxxxxx/';
        var projectId = x;
        var categoryId = x

For all information regarding GeoKey, refer to the GeoKey API documents and Github page