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Skosmos is a web-based tool providing services for accessing controlled vocabularies, which are used by indexers describing documents and searchers looking for suitable keywords. Vocabularies are accessed via SPARQL endpoints containing SKOS vocabularies. See for more general information about Skosmos including use cases, current users and publications.

In addition to a modern web user interface for humans, Skosmos provides a REST-style API and Linked Data access to the underlying vocabulary data.

Skosmos is used as a basis for the Finto vocabulary service. The latest development version is also available at

Skosmos is implemented using PHP, with Twig templates and e.g. jQuery and jsTree used to build the web interface, and EasyRdf for SPARQL and RDF data access.

The code is open source under the MIT license. See Installation in the wiki for details on obtaining the source and running your own instance of Skosmos.

For information about released versions, see Release Notes.

Reporting issues

If you have found a bug please create a new issue using the provided template: Report an issue

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