A minimal cocos2d-x iOS project illustrating how to drag a sprite around the screen.
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A minimal cocos2d-x iPhone / iPad project illustrating how to drag a sprite around the screen.


SpriteDraggerX uses RapidGame's prebuilt Cocos2D-X libraries. Make sure you have Node and Git, then:

sudo npm install rapidgame -g
rapidgame prebuild
cd SpriteDraggerX
rm lib
rapidgame init .

This will symlink a lib folder to RapidGame's prebuilt headers and libraries. You'll then be able to compile and run SpriteDraggerX.


If you'd like to learn more about creating a complete game, then check out the free Cocos2D-X book at WizardFu.com.

Topics covered in the SpriteDraggerX source code:

  • Writing a minimal app delegate class to handle creating the window and GL view
  • Receiving touch events from Cocos2D-X and translating them into dragging a sprite around the screen
  • Animating the sprite via runAction
  • Director, Scene, Sprite, ColorLayer, Sequence, ScaleBy


  • Includes an Xcode project
  • Objective C is required to initialize iOS (App.h & App.mm)
  • All other code is pure C++


SpriteDraggerX is licensed under the MIT license.