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#Drag OSM xml file into a database with osm2pgsql
#osm2pgsql -d database_name -v -S -U username -p table_prefix -c file_name.osm
node,way highway text
way cycleway text # bike lanes
way cycleway:left text # bike lanes
way cycleway:right text # bike lanes
way ref text # bus route numbers
node,way surface text
way lanes real # for rendering width
way maxspeed text # for rendering color. Is text for ' mph' suffix
node,way bicycle text
node,way access text
node,way bridge text
node,way cutting text
way tracktype text
way tunnel text
way embankment text
way route text # buses and stuff
way service text
way oneway text
node,way junction text
way width text # have never yet used this
way footway text # most likely used for 'sidewalk'
node,way building text polygon
way building:levels real polygon
node,way landuse text polygon
node,way construction text linear
way natural text polygon
way water text polygon
way waterway text polygon
node,way shop text polygon # bicycle, etc
node,way capacity text # bike rack capacity
node,way covered text # bike racks
node,way place text polygon
node,way tourism text polygon # hostel?
node,way amenity text polygon # bicycle_parking, car_sharing
way area text linear
node,way aeroway text polygon
node,way barrier text linear
node,way layer real linear
node,way leisure text polygon
node,way man_made text polygon # embankment, pier
node,way name text
node,way short_name text # will use this column for labels
node,way loc_name text # will use this column for labels
node,way operator text linear
node,way railway text linear
node,way sport text polygon
node,way wall text linear