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Installation: Please note: I plan to have a live demo on my website

Database(Tested on MySQL):

  • First generate the database called urf-data, the tables structures is located at /misc/urf-data.sql
  • Config the username and password of the query user, /main/util/dbHandler.php (Default = username:root password:’’)
  • To get data run the python script, /misc/quick-logger/, please note if the database credentials are different from the default, username:’root’ password:’’, they can be changed in the loop_log_data function.
  • Script can take in arguments of startbucket time and endbucket time. If no arguments passed, goes through all the data available within the eight hour span(1427865900->1428018900).
  • Finally, add the api key to the /main/util/StaticData.php, the variable is $api_key, as a string.

Created by NateAGeek, North America, IL