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Control how players can use creative mode
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Creative Control

General Idea

This plugin is made to allow server owners an administrators to control how player's can use game-modes in Minecraft. You can stop tons of actions that a player may do while in creative mode as well as have separate inventories so they cannot take items back and forth.

How does it work?

This plugin works entirely backend and does not require commands in game. By default, creative mode will be restricted entirely and your inventory will not be changed between moving game modes. To allow for activities, follow my permission guide.


I found a bug, how do I report it?

  • The best way to report bugs is through my discord development hub. You can also choose to report bugs to my issue page on github but this is not checked as much and will not receive the same level of help.

Will this interfere with my world protection?

  • CreativeControl will be overridden by any claim protection plugin you may have so you do not need to worry about people getting special access to breaking admin claims.

Will this work for SpongeVanilla

  • As of now, CreativeControl does not rely on Forge so everything should work perfectly on Sponge Vanilla
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