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Git's hook system is very useful for automating workflow-related tasks.

It would be even better if you could register multiple programs for a hook to run.

Since such a feature is trivial to implement, it is a wheel that has been crafted many times over.

This is my re-invention.


  • Do not actively ambush Windows (i.e. don't require symlinks, because they're second-class citizens on Windows)
  • Allow sharing hook packages between different repositories
  • Fit my personal aesthetic

Hook Packages

Hook packages let you share git hooks between multiple projects. Why do that?

  • A company's repositories could share a commit message checker, to ensure every commit has a ticket ID in it.
  • A team's style guide could be written as pre-commit and pre-receive hooks, then used to enforce adherence across their projects.
  • Dependency managers like npm and pip are used by a lot of different projects. All those projects could share a generic set of git hooks for updating installed dependencies after pulls, checkouts, and rebases.


Install Bats, then:

cd tests
bats suite.bats