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This is a project for ArcBlock Android SDK temp demo
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ArcBlock Android SDKTempDemo

README of Chinese

This is a template demo project to make developers integrate ArcBlock Android SDK quickly.

Quickly Start

Developers just need to clone the project to local, and import it to the Android Studio, then can build and run it in the mobile or monitor.

The detail use guide of the SDK can get from here: ArcBlock Android SDK .

FAQ List

We have a list of problems that developers may encounter during their integration process : FAQ List .

If you encounter other problems during the development process, you can communicate with our development support in a timely manner, and we will do our best to help developers solve the problems.

The App List based on ArcBlock Android SDK

  1. BBViewer

    A BTC Block Viewer App based on ArcBlock Android SDK .

  2. BATool

    A BTC Account Tool based on ArcBlock Android SDK .

  3. More to come...

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