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Build Status

PySnip is an robust, open-source and cross-platform server implementation for Ace of Spades. It is fully customizable with extensions and scripts.


  • Many administrator features
  • A lot of epic commands
  • A remote console (using SSH)
  • Map rotation
  • Map metadata (name, version, author, and map configuration)
  • Map extensions (water damage, etc.)
  • A map generator
  • An IRC client for managing your server
  • A JSON query webserver
  • A status server with map overview
  • Server/map scripts
  • Airstrikes
  • Melee attacks with the pickaxe
  • New gamemodes (deathmatch / runningman)
  • Rollback feature (rolling back to the original map)
  • Spectator mode
  • Dirt grenades
  • Platforms with buttons
  • Ban subscribe service
  • A ton of other features


For windows

Go to releases and download desired version.

For linux

Grab it from repo.

git clone
cd PySnip

Create virtualenv

virtualenv -p python2 venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

Install dependencies

pip install cython twisted jinja2 pillow pygeoip pycrypto pyasn1






Feel free to post a question on the forums if you need any help or hop onto IRC to to chat.