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An adventure game made with Unity
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Grey Space
Grey Space_Data

SOFTENG 306 Project Two

Company Name: Stardust Studios
Game Name: Grey Space

Git Name Service (GNS)

In alphabetical order

Name GitHub Username UPI
Daniel Wong dan-wong dwon184
Harry Lim harrylimp hlim448
Maggie Ngo MagNgo mngo416
Nathan Hur Nateeo nhur714
Samule Li sli473 sli473
Sueyeon Lee sy133 slee681
Victor Lian victorlian vlia679
Zihao Yang zihao123yang zyan781

Process documentation

Wiki, Google Docs, Trello

Team meeting notes, feature/code documentation, individual contributions and reflections (team work & RUP) are available on our Wiki.

Additional planning and design processes, original meeting notes and document drafts are available on our Google Docs (need domain to access)

Task descriptions, progress and assignees are documented on our Trello board

Contact us for any access issues!

Running the game

Download the latest release here. Tested on UG4 Lab computers (make sure the executable is not run on the Home drive otherwise the game will lag).

Third-party assets and packages

All third-party assets and packages are free for use and used under CC 3.0 licenses

Unity asset store various 3D models and data (inventory, dialogue) editors various 3D models

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