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SharpFrame is a web-based application that allows users to create their own chat rooms that have the ability to play a synchronised video stream to many users at once. SharpFrame uses a mix of programing languages to synchronise the media to its users. The main part of the project is coded in PHP using the Phalcon framework due to its speed comp…
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Sharp Frame will be a web based application that will allow for users to create their own synchronous chat rooms that will play a video that is synced for everyone in that room (the created room can be public or private). Public rooms will be posted on the main page of the website for everyone to see and join whereas private rooms will be accessed by a link. The host can control who is allowed in or not if they choose by adding usernames to a white/blacklist. The hosts or users who have been given access can upload their own video file or use a video from another site, for example YouTube. (The site is still currently in development)

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