Application for collecting feedback from locations on campus.
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Send-A-Smile is a tool for large organizations to use to collect feedback from users. SAS is built to support multiple departments within an organization, or multiple organizations on a college campus.


Each organization has its own dashboard for provisioning feedback locations, users, and viewing feedback. A Feedback location has its own code and is associated with a geographic location. All feedback is associated with a location. All feedback is in the form of smiles and frowns, and can include a subject and a body. SAS integrates with a third-party provider to generate QR codes for each location.


Send-A-Smile is built on ASP.NET using MVC and EF6. Send-A-Smile depends on the following Open-Source tools:

  • nJupiter.DataAccess.LDAP - for interacting with LDAP authentication
  • NLog - for data logging
  • NPGSql - for use with PostgreSQL - Only necessary if using with PostgreSQL
  • *Bootstrap


  • Before setting up, go to global.asax.cs and make sure that the base application administrator(s) is/are added to the superAdmin role. This will allow access to the base administration panel.
  • web.config will need to be updated with the proper connection string to your database
  • nJupiter.DataAccess.LDAP.config will need to updated to work with your organization's LDAP authentication. Alternatively, you could plug in some other role & membership provider
  • Migrations should work to set up the database from scratch when using MSSQL. For use with other databases, manually creating the tablets may be necessary.

Issues/Work Areas

Beware of the following when working with this software:

  • There are some potential data consistency issues right now. For example, deleting a feedback location won't delete all the feedback associated with it.