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#! /bin/env python
# The location of your version of python should replace the above. On
# Unix, the command "which python" will tell you the correct location.
# Under Unix, you also need to set the file permissions so that it is
# executeable (e.g. chmod +x
# For an explanation of what this program does see the help string below.
# Written by Nathan Dunfield <>
# Version 1.0. Dec 4, 1998.
# Version 1.1. Jan 29, 1999. Added more graceful handling of improper input
# Version 1.3. Nov 14, 2020. Made work with Python 3.*
import os, sys, re, getopt
from montesinos import compute_surfaces, compute_boundary_slopes, essential_info, defines_knot, no_integer_tangles
from gcd_tools import string_to_frac
help = """usage: %s [-s -f -a] a/b c/d e/f ...
computes the incompressible surfaces in the complement of the given
Montesinos knot K(a/b, c/d,...). Prints the name of the knot followed
by a list of boundary slopes, and then a some more detailed
information about the incompressible surfaces. If the -s option is
given prints only the name and list of boundary slopes. If the -f
option is given it also prints full information about each
incompressible surfaces (e.g. the edgepaths in the diagram). If the
-a option is given, it prints full information about all the candidate
""" % sys.argv[0]
def main():
tangles = []
optlist = []
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
if arg == "-s" or arg == "-f" or arg == "-a":
tangles.append( string_to_frac(arg))
except ValueError:
print("%s is not a fraction or an option\n" % arg)
if len(tangles) < 3:
print("Need at least 3 tangles, else use two-bridge program\n")
if not defines_knot(tangles):
print("Tangles give a link, not a knot.")
if not no_integer_tangles(tangles):
print("No integer tangles allowed.")
surfaces = compute_surfaces(tangles)
str = "K%s\t%s\n" % (tuple(tangles), compute_boundary_slopes(surfaces) )
if not optlist.count("-s"):
sys.stdout.write("More info: (slope, number of sheets, euler char)\n")
sys.stdout.write( repr(essential_info(surfaces)) + "\n")
if optlist.count("-f"):
for surface in surfaces:
if surface.carries_incompressible:
sys.stdout.write(repr(surface) + "\n")
if optlist.count("-a"):
for surface in surfaces:
sys.stdout.write(repr(surface) + "\n")