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SideMark Google Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension for viewing bookmarks.

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  • Set font! Ugly!
  • Function to reset settings in options page.
  • Fade out the active page when sidebar is shown (overlay transparent div).
    • Click on overlay to hide the sidebar and overlay.
  • Sidemark CSS overriding page CSS and vice-versa.
  • Fix sidebar to window so it does not move if the user scrolls.
  • Display bookmarks in "sidebar" on the page.
  • Editable bookmarks.
  • Keyboard shortcut.
  • User Options:
    • Sidebar location (left/right).
    • Sidebar width.
    • Sidebar height.
    • Sidebar font size.
    • Open bookmark in current or new window.
    • Editable keyboard shortcut?
    • Toggle between sidebar and popup window?
  • Language support.
  • Update bookmarks on events.
  • Better icon.
  • Screenshots.
  • Website.
  • Give focus to search box on popup load.
  • Save search box text between popup load.
  • Do not show folder names for empty folders on search.
  • About page with link to source code?
  • Disable text wrapping on bookmarks and folders.
  • Search feature!
  • Ability to "minimize" folders.
  • Window theming.
  • Window dark/light mode support.

Message Passing

  • Content script loads
  • Content script calls chrome.runtime.sendMessage('sidemark_get_bookmarks')
  • Background script onMessage listener receives message
  • Background script calls getBookmarks() with response callback from content script
  • Background script calls chrome.bookmarks.getTree() with anonymous callback function
  • Background script anonymous callback function calls content script response callback function
  • Content script response callback function calls loadTree() to load bookmarks tree


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