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Grails application to manage enrollments for Small to Mid-Size Classes
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Enrollio is used to enroll students in the programs offered by Bworks.

Bworks is the umbrella organization for Byteworks and Bicycleworks located in Saint Louis, Missouri

Byteworks and Bicycleworks are volunteer organizations that strive to help inner city children reach their full potential.

Byteworks offers the "Earn A Computer" program where students take six computer-related classes, and are awarded a free computer upon completion of the six classes. Bicycleworks offers a similar "Earn-A-Bike" class.

Please see for more information

Enrollio's purpose is to help Bworks maintain its student database.

h1. Grailsy Voodoo Features

h2. Tag Libraries Enrollio has a slick Tag Library which loops through all available Programs, and returns a checkbox for the program which is checked/unchecked depending on whether the student is already interested in the Program.

Data structure:

Program -> Describes one of the volunteer programs that are available at Bworks. Example: Earn-A-Computer Program Earn-A-Bike Program Byteworks Mentorship Program

ClassSession -> A group of dates/lessons that pertain to a Program. Example: Earn-A-Computer Program, July 2009 Session Earn-A-Bike Program, February 2009 Session

belongs to a Program Has Many LessonDates (Example: LessonDate #1 is July 1st, 2009 LessonDate #2 is July 8th, 2009 LessonDate #3 is July 15th, 2009)

Student -> Has many Enrollments

Enrollment -> Joins Students and ClassSessions Example: Student "Barney" is enrolled in the following Class Sessions: 1) Earn-A-Computer Program, July 2009 Session 2) Earn-A-Bike Program, February 2009 Session

Attendance.groovy ClassSession.groovy Contact.groovy Enrollment.groovy Interest.groovy Lesson.groovy LessonDate.groovy Note.groovy PhoneNumber.groovy Program.groovy

= Contact Phone Numbers = Addition of dynamic contact phone numbers was provided by:


The "Problems" section can be used to point out things in Grails or Enrollio that were confusing, time-draining or otherwise not really fun to develop. We can use this section to identify things we'd like to improve as we continue our mastery of Grails and subsequently the rest of the Universe.

Data not persisted immediately in BootStrap

I had problems in the bootStrap when saving test data, and then trying to retrieve it immediately, due to the flush:true not being specified when saving DOs

Obscure errors when quotes missing

When calling the interestCheckBoxes tag library, I had a quote missing from the 2nd param, and received a less than helpful message. Something like this will reproduce the problem:

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