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These are my vim dotfiles. There are many like them, but these are mine.

Installation / Bootstrap


Vim reads your configuration settings from ~/.vimrc, so you need to link/move =vimrc= from this project to your ~/.vimrc file.

One way to do that is:

cd ~
git clone
mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrcbackup # can't be too safe
ln -s vim-dotfiles/vimrc ~/.vimrc

TL;DR The plugins I use are not part of this Git repository (not even as submodules).

Therefore, in order to exactly replicate the functionality in these vim-dotfiles you need to:

cd ~/.vim
mkdir bundle && cd bundle
git clone

See "Can I put pathogen.vim in a submodule like all my other plugins?" section of

Installed Plugins

  • Vim-Scala

=git clone ~/.vim/bundle=

  • NERDTree

=git clone ~/.vim/bundle=

  • CtrlP

=git clone ~/.vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim=

Adding plugins

You simply need to git-clone new plugins to the =bundle= subdirectory (See "Installed Plugins" above)

To initialize the help tags, run =:Helptags= in vim, which will go through all dirs in =bundle= and add the documentation to Vim's help section. (This is a part of =pathogen=, not mine)