A NativeScript + Angular2 wind chime app for iOS and Android.
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NativeScript Windchimes Sample

This repo contains a NativeScript-built app for creating windchimes with Angular 2. The app was inspired by Tero Parviainen’s talk at ng-conf 2016, and the initial version of this application was built in three hours—all to show how easy it is to take an Angular-2-built web app and run it on iOS and Android using NativeScript.

Note: The gif doesn’t do the app justice. To see the app with sound either watch the app on YouTube, or download it from the App Store or Google Play with the buttons below.


To run the NativeScript Windchime sample you need to complete the NativeScript system setup on your development machine. After that clone this repo:

git clone https://github.com/NathanWalker/nativescript-ng2-windchimes.git
cd nativescript-ng2-windchimes.git

Run tns install to install this app’s dependencies:

tns install

Next, use the tns run command to see the app in action:

tns run ios --emulator
tns run android --emulator

Finally, use the tns livesync command to setup a watcher that will automatically push out your changes:

tns livesync ios --emulator --watch
tns livesync android --emulator --watch