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Reading values on a Bela ( from the 9-DOF I2C board from Adafruit (
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Bela integration of the Adafruit FXOS8700 and FXAS21002C 9-DOF breakout board

Reading values on a Bela ( from the I2C board from Adafruit (

Getting Started

Connect the 9-DOF sensor to the I2C pins on the Bela. Put the code in a project (I use the project name Adafruit_IMU) on your Bela and run via IDE or Bela script (may require the better-i2c branch for the moment 2018-03-12) to compile. Then while logged in on the Bela through ssh into the bela using ssh root@ you have to manually stop the process to free the IDE pkill -9 Adafruit_IMU (or whatever you call your project)

subsequently run the program by going to the folder it is in (e.g. ~/Bela/projects/Adafruit_IMU) and run it ./Adafruit_IMU Then run your other code through the IDE. Press CTRL+C to stop the program.

Built With

I used code from the Adafruit Arduino libraries:

There is also a slightly adapted version of the Madgwick sensor fusion algorithm available here:


The code in Adafruit_FXOS8700.cpp/.h and Adafruit_FXAS21002C.cpp/.h is licensed under the MIT License in accordance with the Adafruit original license - see the file for details. The code in render.cpp is licensed under LGPL 3.0 in accordance with the Bela examples code it was based on.

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